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We are a school who take thinking skills very seriously! We believe that giving pupils the tools to support their thinking enhances their learning progress, creativity and problem solving skills. Tongwynlais Primary is part of the international network of 'Thinking Schools'  and in November 2011 was recognised as a Thinking School by Exeter University.

We are focussing on a number of key Thinking Strategies in school and all pupils are introduced to these from their very early days in the school.

David Hyerle's Thinking Maps

These are a series of eight maps which help pupils to organise and develop their thinking. We teach pupils to use these in all areas of learning from the beginning of their school life. As our children become more confident in using the maps they select them for themselves to support their learning and thinking.


Debono's Thinking Hats

Another strategy we use to support our pupils developing thinking is Debono's Hats. This involves a series of six coloured hats- the colour of hat dictates the type of thinking! In a very simple way this teaches puplis to view situations and problem solving situations from a variety of  view points and angles.

White Hat Factual
Blue Hat Thinking about Thinking
Black Hat Negative
Red Hat Feelings
Green Hat Creativity
Yellow Hat Positive


Habits of Mind

From their earliest days with us, we encourage our pupils to develop and practise positive attitudes to learning. These include;

Thinking together
Sometimes we learn better when we share ideas.
Stop and Think
Think before you act
Stick with it!
Don’t give up until you reach your goal!
Learning Forever
We keep learning through the whole of our lives!
The world is an awesome place with so much to discover!
Good Risks!
Push yourself to try something new!

 Our current focus is 'thinking flexibly' in our learning in and out of school.

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